Black Population Targeted in Latest Hate Crime on Campus

By Contributing Reporter Michael Cotton and Currier Times Staff///

Signs like this are all over the Curry College campus, but hate incidents continue. (File Photo)

A message found in a private area of Miller Field House targeting Curry’s Black population for violence has rocked the campus once again. The message, discovered on February 9th, said that Blacks would be killed on Saturday, February 12th, according to information provided by Milton Police and the Curry College administration.

Milton Police and Curry Public Safety said they would increase patrols on campus, and have extra law enforcement on campus on Saturday, February 12th. February 12th is the birthday for President Abraham Lincoln, and also the date that the NAACP was founded, although it’s unclear if there is a direct correlation to those historic events and this threat.

At a Faculty meeting on Wednesday, February 9th, President Kenneth Quigley called the latest hate crime “a stunning day for our college,” according to a faculty member at the meeting.

A video, from Lt. Detective Michael Collins of Milton Police and Curry Public Safety Chief, Paul King, informed the Curry community of the latest hate crime. Collins said his entire division is working around the clock on this investigation, which comes after numerous other hate crimes on the campus in the past two weeks. They are asking for anyone who has seen anything to share information with them, even if you want to remain anonymous.

Curry athletes who use Miller Field House for training, reacted to this latest incident.

“I feel like there’s people that know exactly what’s going on and just aren’t coming forward,” said Nick Johnson, a basketball player and junior Sports and Recreation Management major. “Maybe there should be an award of some sort for anyone that comes forward with information, because I know someone knows about it, this isn’t a common thing that just happens. It’s either multiple people doing it, or it’s one person.”

Johnson added, “Either way, someone’s got all of the info. As a Black man at Curry, I should never feel like I have to worry about walking around school. Hopefully, in due time Public Safety and Milton Police can solve this.”

Richard Silva, a senior Criminal Justice major and soccer player, said it wasn’t the entire Curry population doing these acts.

“The recent events that took place are very disgusting and disturbing,” said Silva. “It’s disrespectful to the Curry College community, we shouldn’t tolerate this here. It’s one bad apple among us, and I feel like as a community we need to come together and rise together in order to keep everyone safe on campus.”

Kevin Peete, a junior Psychology major and football player acknowledged the messages were not a direct threat to an individual.

“I don’t feel threatened because no one has said anything to anyone personally,” said Peete. “It is all written down, not being said directly. It is still upsetting and disappointing that things like this still happen in the times we live in today.” 

Among the items being looked at are the video recordings from 105 video surveillance cameras on campus.

In a period from January 27th to February 9th, more than 20 swastikas and messages of hate were found in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and in the fitness center.

In an earlier email and video message to the Curry community, President Kenneth Quigley called the swastikas acts “despicable” and that the college was working with Milton police to gather evidence and look for suspects.

Listening sessions and open forums have been held repeatedly over the past two weeks. President Quigley at an earlier forum said these listening sessions, “reflected the true spirit of the Curry community and its people.”

President Quigley also said that classes, athletics and other events will be cancelled the afternoon of Friday, February 25th from 1 to 4 p.m. to hold a mandatory session where the community can gather to listen, and learn.

Nasir Vasquez, a junior Business major and football player said he can’t believe this is still happening in 2022.

“I think it’s crazy that this is an ongoing topic in today’s society, especially here at our school,” said Vasquez. “I hope whatever the school does to prevent issues like this in the future work, and that everything dies down.”

The Currier Times will be updating this story in the days to come. Please follow us for more as information becomes available.

If anyone has any information that may help the investigation, they can use any of these options: Anonymous Tip Line at 617-391-5280 or email a tip to or call the Milton Police Department at 617-698-3800 or the Milton Crime Tip Hotline at 617-698-2677.

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  1. As a retired member of the Curry College faculty, it is with great sadness to hear of the evil head of hate showing itself on our beautiful campus once again. Knowing the administration, the faculty, and our Campus Safety Service , all will
    Be done to protect our community. Be safe.

    Prof. Alan Frank, Emeritus

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