Curry Jewish Population Reacts to Anti-Semitic Vandalism

By Chelsea Chamberlain, Currier Times Staff////

Many Curry students have been heavily affected by Anti-Semitic hate crimes throughout
campus over the past few weeks.

Freshman, Max Silverman said it was a “Poor representation of Curry’s campus and community.”

“I am Jewish,” said freshman Elijah Pichler, “and I don’t feel safe and protected here at Curry
right now because of the 20 something Swastikas, language, and comments that have been
written on numerous walls in mainly NCRH, the Student Center, and in the Miller Field House as

NCRH, the Student Center, and the Miller Field House are all places on campus that a lot of
students call home. Having hate crimes committed there heavily affect those who live and spend
the majority of their time there.

One of the most important ways to stop these hate crimes would be to increase security in
certain areas of buildings.

“They know the time and the place but can never identify who it is,” said freshman Kaitlyn Follis.
“Having security cameras in various public places would be helpful.”

The biggest take away from these hate crimes is taking ownership of your heritage.

“Learning to not care what people think and be strong and proud of who you are,” said Max Silverman who is one of the many Jewish students here at Curry.

Curry is doing what they can to make students comfortable here but after speaking with
students there is a lot more to be done to make this a safe campus for everyone.

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  1. What an informative article this is, well written and an insightful look into this problem from a frontline student. I hope the administration can clear this up soon.

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