For CJ Major, Cutting Hair Has Earned Him a Campus Following

Multimedia by Mike Wajdowicz, CC8-TV Contributing Reporter for Currier Times///

This video Documentary was produced, shot and edited by CC8-TV producer, Mike Wajdowicz.


(Natural sound of clippers cutting hair)

Getting a hair cut at college can be tough. Lucky for Curry, student Richard Sullivan can cut!

Hi my name is Richie Sullivan I am a football player here at Curry College. I’m a senior Criminal Justice major and I am the president of the criminal justice club. I also find time to referee intramural sports on campus. But most of all, I am the sole owner of Sully Cuts.

I started cutting hair in the middle of the pandemic. Covid-19 presented us with struggles that we had never seen before. My dad really needed a hair cut so he ordered a pair of clippers off of Amazon for I think 12 dollars. And yeah, the rest is history after that.

I have cut over 1,000 people’s hair and have over 100 regular clients. This is one serious side business. I enjoy cutting hair, but it does not come easy. Things get busy you know? A really important part of what I do is time management. I’m a grinder man. Work hard, party hard.

If you asked me if I ever thought I was going to be a barber I would have looked at you and said your crazy. Ever since I was a little kid I have always wanted to be a cop. It was really something that happened on a whim. I gave my dad a hair cut, then my brothers and then friends. Then it kind of just took off. I had an entire football team full of brothers who have always supported Sully Cuts. Sully Cuts is about building a personal relationship with your barber.

I fell in love with it instantly. Helping people look better, i’m extremely meticulous and I take pride in my work. I’ll never forget after I cut my dad’s hair I probably watched over 3 ½ hours worth of barber videos. Learning how to fade or taper hair, what to use, and where to get it.

A big part of how I learned how to cut hair was definitely social media. I know it sounds dumb but Instagram and Tik Tok both really taught me a lot on how to cut hair. There is certain things to do as a barber to make a certain hair cut look extra special. Youtube was a great starting point, but the social media helped me excel!

If you want to schedule an appointment follow @SullyCuts on Instagram and direct message me, or call the number in the bio! Stay Sully fresh my friends.

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