Curry’s Spring Weekend is Nearing

By Chelsea Chamberlain, Currier Times Staff///

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As the weather gets warmer the students of Curry College prepare for the biggest event of the year, Spring Weekend, scheduled for April 22, 23, 24th. Spring Weekend is filled with events, food trucks, music, and more. This year the students will get to take it back to when they were young with the theme, Pop 2K!

Pop 2K will entail food trucks with nostalgic treats from the students’ childhood as well as events
to bring them back to the simple times of being a kid.

April 23 is the biggest day of Spring Weekend. It will include craft tables, food trucks, nostalgic music, and a concert that night
SEE works with other clubs such as Intramurals, FemU, Students Activities, and more to run the tables housing these activities. Giving exposure to clubs is a great marketing technique as it shows the community what other clubs are on campus.

One of the biggest events at Spring Weekend is Sync’d up. The students will put on performances for the community and get a chance to show off their talents. Curry’s radio station, WMLN-FM 91.5, puts on this event which also brings in new students to the radio program.

This fun filled weekend is put on by the SEE (Student Entertainment and Events) club and is also sponsored by SAO, the Student Activities Organization, which features students in various grades coming together to plan the event.

“This is an event we do every year,” Erin Cullinane, the President of SEE said. “Everyone enjoys it and looks forward to it when the Spring Semester comes.”

Spring semester is upon the Curry community which brings along midterms and finals as well as the sadness of moving out and leaving friends.

Helena Stamatakis, the Vice President of SEE, said it’s a great way to finish up the semester.

“Looking forward to seeing everyone have a lot of fun and really good back to those happy memories we had as kids!” Stamatakis said.

Helena and Erin are the forefront of this event as well as the other students involved. A student lead event will make sure that all the students have fun and are transported back to the 2000’s era.

Spring Weekend is April 22-24 and the SEE club is more than excited to put it on for the students!

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