Therapy Dogs Brighten Curry Campus

By Nicholas Calvino, Currier Times Staff///

Student, Chelsea Chamberlain, enjoys some time with one of the therapy dogs that made their way to Curry’s Levin Library recently.

Have you been stressed at school lately? Nervous about finals? Well, that’s where the recent “Pup-Up Event,” with therapy dogs and coloring, came in handy on campus.

“It’s also scientifically proven that pets help reduce stress and bring joy,” said Devon Corbett, Director of Student Activities, who helped organize the event. “It also brings nostalgia to students that may have a dog at home.”

This event took place in one of the study rooms of Levin Library. There were all kinds of dogs. Big dogs. medium sized dogs; if you walked into the library on this recent Wednesday evening you could hear the joy that this “Pup-Up Event” was giving students.

There was a labradoodle and German Shepherd, both with laser focus, trying to meet everyone at the event.

The students weren’t the only ones at this event to enjoy the dogs. Curry staff love to put on the program.

“Anytime we create an event like this it makes students more comfortable knowing that this is offered and makes them
want to return,” said Corbett.

At this time in the semester it’s after mid-terms and Spring Break and it’s close to finals and students are stressed. That’s why it’s the perfect event to have at the perfect time to help students make a comfortable transition from Spring Break and back to work to finish the year strong.

The students that attended the event had a great time with the puppies, including junior Criminal Justice major, Devon Richards.

“It’s just a fun event to come to and it definitely helps with stress, especially near the end of the semester,” said Richards.

You may have had to wait in a line and check in with your student ID but we hope you were able
to enjoy this puppy packed event and got rid of some stress before finals.

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