Ukraine War Touches Curry Campus

By Allison Silver, Currier Times Staff///

Like many people around the world, the Curry campus has been impacted by the Ukraine war. Photo by Matti on

Abigail Leonard, sophomore studio arts major, was born in Ukraine. She was 16 months old when her parents adopted her and she was moved to the United States. She said the country is filled with life.

“Ukraine is a beautiful country,” said Leonard. “I love listening to different singers from Ukraine, I love its art and that is why I love drawing and painting. I saw the artists over there and I loved it so much that it sparked the artist in me.”

Like others from Ukraine, Abby watched in disgust as Russia began to invade her home country of Ukraine.

“I hope we find a resolution for this war, to be honest,” Abigail stated.

Abigail is one of many people on the Curry College campus that have been affected by the ongoing conflict.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, at least 900 civilians have been killed, including 81 children, according to the Ukrainian government. But, many believe the actual number is in the tens of thousands dead or wounded, and President Joseph Biden has said Russia is committing “war crimes” and “genocide” on a daily basis.

Professor Hanna Baranchuk is one of the few Curry College employees with a unique connection to the conflict in Ukraine.

“I have family and friends in Ukraine. My cousin with her kids was able to flee to Germany, but her mother and brother stayed in Kharkiv,” Baranchuk said. “I worry about them every day since Kharkiv is being shelled heavily.”

Curry College sophomore, Abigail Leonard, worries for her country every day, and hopes this war will come to a quick, and peaceful end.

Our thoughts are with the citizens of Ukraine and their families.

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