Consent Day Offers Tips on Healthy Relationships

By Chelsea Chamberlain, Currier Times Staff////

Consent Day allowed students to learn more about healthy relationships. Photo by Chelsea Chamberlain

Consent is a key factor in any relationship and at Curry College an entire day is dedicated to educating the students about consent and healthy relationships.

“Consent Day is a sex-positive way to talk about consent, healthy relationships, and assault,” said Rachael Cina, head of Curry Consent. “And it helps students think about aspects of consent that they may not have considered before.”

This year the theme was “Consent Gone Viral” and drew in the students by using social media to educate on the topic. This event was held in the Student Center and featured 7 interactive tables educating students on the importance of consent as well as giving them scenarios to help them figure out what consent truly is.

“We had great attendance at the event,” said Hailey Bishop, a senior Communication major. “Many students who attended shared great examples of what healthy relationships with ourselves and others look like.”

Students listened to songs and decided if the lyrics promoted consent, they won prizes by analyzing scenarios and deciding what was healthy, and amongst all the tables a 360 camera was available for fun videos of the students holding signs promoting consent.

After students completed all the activities they were able to get a t-shirt from the event and were entered into a raffle! This event was put on by Curry Consent and also featured faculty from various organizations as well as students who are extremely passionate about teaching the Curry community how to recognize consent and make sure they are in healthy relationships.

“I joined Curry Consent in the hopes of taking personal experiences with dating and sexual violence and turning them into something positive,” said Samantha Thomson, a sophomore Nursing major. “Educating other students and being an advocate for survivors is something that I am so grateful to be able to do.”

Curry Consent put on a wonderful event that helped students get involved with consent and educated the community on healthy relationships. They may have even saved someone from a toxic relationship.

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