Curry College Hate Investigation Leads to Employee Termination

By Currier Times Staff////

In an email to the Curry College community, college president, Kenneth Quigley, announced the termination of a Curry employee in relation to a series of hate incidents that rocked the campus during the Spring semester.

Quigley said in the email, due to the confidentiality concerns, the “person of interest” in the crimes will not be named, but has been removed from campus.

Over a series of months, hate crimes against Jewish, LGBTQ+, and the Black population occurred in various places on campus, including residence halls, campus athletic facilities and bathrooms. A campus-wide meeting was held where thousands attended an online conference to voice their concerns about the crimes, and contemplate what steps could be taken to end them.

The college worked with the FBI, Milton police, and former Boston police commissioner, Ed Davis, to investigate who was behind the crimes.

Here is the full email to the Curry community:

“Dear Members of the Curry Community,

I am writing to update the Curry College Community on the series of bias incidents that plagued our campus and our people last semester. Curry College is grateful for the robust response and commitment of resources by the F.B.I., the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Milton Police Department, and the Curry College Public Safety Department.

The investigation results to date and evidence provided to us by the F.B.I., the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the Milton Police Department, formed the basis of an internal investigation by the College and helped inform that investigation. The law enforcement agencies shared their opinion that the evidence gathered in the ongoing investigation points toward one person they believe as the perpetrator of these incidents.

The College carefully reviewed evidence gathered by law enforcement and interviewed the person of interest identified by law enforcement investigators and other individuals who were potentially connected to specific incidents. The outcome of our independent investigation has resulted in an employee being terminated and removed from our community. The College’s Statement on Non-Discrimination requires confidentiality related to investigations. Therefore, this is the only information we can provide at this time.

We recognize and regret the impact these bias acts have had on our students, families, faculty, and staff throughout the spring semester and hope this will allow us to continue moving forward. It is our hope that this will bring some closure to the series of events we all suffered through. I wish to again thank our community members for their collective response in support of one another.


Ken Quigley”

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