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PHOTO GALLERY: Curry’s Autumn Splendor

Photos from Communication Department’s “Photojournalism” Course////

When the leaves begin to change and the air blows brisk, that’s when we know that autumn is here to stay. Around the same time, we students start to get to work on our midterm exams and have to think about choosing our classes for next year.

This unique atmosphere is immediately recognizable in any fall semester, whether it is welcome or not. In a part of the year where we are all so focused on our academics, we start to overlook some of the more subtle things around us. The natural beauty of our campus really starts to pop around the start of October, something that we often fail to observe.

In our “Fall at Curry” collection we hope to capture that beauty that is so often missed in our effort to get to our classes and wrap up our exams. The splendor of autumn is fleeting but deserving of attention all the same. Introduction written by Aidan Lee.

The Curry sign stands proud among the autumn flowers. Photo by Matt Kaminsky
A telephone pole hides among the fall foliage. Photo by Bobby Smith
Student takes a photo of a cute pumpkin decoration. Photo by Allissa Behrens
The reds of autumn peek past the exterior of Green House. Photo by Aidan Lee
The long stretch of road leading up to Suites. Photo by Matt Kaminsky
Two students head down a hill to classes. Photo by Izzy Kenneally
A bench sits in the shade of an oak. Photo by Blake Schader
Trees at the top of a hill on campus begin to change color. Photo by Francisco Santiago

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