Criminal Investigation into Curry Hate Crimes Remains Active

By Olivia Perron, Currier Times Staff///

Student leaders say they weren’t interviewed as the final consultant report is prepared which will offer recommendations for enhanced security on campus.

Last Spring, the Curry community was threatened by a series of hate crimes that terrorized the community, including days where the college closed down due to threats against minority populations. Over the summer, students received an email that a Curry employee was fired after evidence pointed to that person being responsible.

At the time of the email, the college said the investigation would continue. So where do things stand today?

The Currier Times has reached out to Curry President, Kenneth Quigley, The F.B.I., the Joint Terrorism Task Force, Milton Police Department, and The Edward Davis Company, to find out just what is happening on the criminal end of the probe.

Milton Police Lieutenant Detective, Michael Collins, confirmed with The Currier Times that their “criminal
investigation is still open and active.”

The F.B.I. declined comment when asked if their case was still open.

Curry College confirmed that their internal investigation is closed. Even though the college investigation is “closed,” The Currier Times was unable to confirm the name, age, gender, or race of the terminated employee. The paper was also unable to confirm if the employee who was terminated is working elsewhere.

During the Spring investigation, former Boston Police Commissioner, Edward Davis, who now runs his own consulting business, was brought on with his security company. His security company was hired to do an assessment of Curry College’s security protocols.

To continue the assessment the firm spoke with the faculty to get their input on the college’s current security messages. Staff members were also able to anonymously submit their personal recommendations for how to make the college safer.

President Quigley told The Currier Times the final report from Ed Davis is coming soon.

“We expect the final report within the next couple of weeks,” President Quigley said. “We have made a commitment to share it with the community once it is received.”

The Edward Davis Company was contacted by The Currier Times regarding the details of how they gathered information towards the assessment. Ed Davis’ company has not returned our call at the time of this publication.

After speaking with faculty members and Student Body President, Ellen Apotheker, who is majoring in Business Management and Psychology with a minor in marketing, The Currier Times was able to conclude that The Ed Davis Company spoke with faculty members for anonymous input on their personal recommendations for security, but students at any
level were not asked about security on campus.

Apotheker feels as though there was a lack of transparency during the investigation. She also mentions the lack of communication with the Student Government Association (SGA) in regards to the overall investigation.

“In terms of them not speaking with SGA I think that was a lack of due diligence on their part,” Apotheker said. “I think having student input on the investigation would have been helpful for their investigation. Overall there has been a blatant disregard for student input in all areas of campus but especially in this matter. Involving students in this conversation would’ve greatly improved students’ trust in the college resolving the issue.”

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  1. I agree that there should have been more student input into this matter. I myself as a former student and as an Associate Lecturer, student involvement would have helped students to have more trust and integrity towards the staff, professors, and students.

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