Curry’s Cable TV Channels Now Available on Streaming App

By Grant Catuna, Currier Times Staff////

With the arrival of the Apogee app, Stream 2, Curry’s cable TV channels are now available online, including CC8, the Curry College television station. Photo by Grant Catuna

MILTON — In the midst of a world that is constantly evolving, many changes have taken root. At Curry College, one of the latest changes has come in the form of a new streaming service that will allow resident students to bring the power of cable wherever they go.

To make this happen, Curry has partnered with Apogee, a technology service provider that works with nearly 400 schools across the country.

“We know students are streaming,” Director of Residence Life, Marcie Harrington said. “Cable is still working on campus but streaming allows for, say, if a student has 15 minutes in between classes, they can pull something up on the app to kill that time.”

The app Harrington is referring to is the “Stream2” app, created by Apogee, which is available on IOS and Android. After downloading the app, the resident student must enter their school email and password. Once access is gained, that’s it! Students are able to watch all of the same programs as before, in the palm of their hand.

The TV streaming app on campus from Apogee is called Stream 2.

It is important to note that the service is only available to resident students because the cost for the service is folded into room and board fees. In addition, the service will only be functional when connected to Wi-Fi on campus.

“It’s a really cool service,” Harrington added. “And it’s a DVR which is really exciting because you can record shows and access them easier.”

As word of the streaming service continues to spread throughout campus, some students have begun taking advantage.

“It’s useful,” senior Devon Richards said. “Everybody streams nowadays whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, whatever… I’d say this was an upgrade.”

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