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Curry College, On or Off?

BY KEVIN DIFFILY // APRIL 2, 2012 //  Shay Sinnott had had enough. As a freshman living on campus in the fall of 2010, she didn’t get along particularly well with her roommate and she struggled to relate to many of her fellow State House residents. But the actual tipping point came when her entire dorm was placed in “lock […]

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Risky Recycling Business

BY ERN POWERS // MARCH 8, 2012 // Most college students are familiar with those large plastic bags of empty cans and bottles that leave a stench of stale beer in the air of a dorm room. It is how those bags are disposed of that can pose a challenge for some. Students arrived back on campus for the spring […]

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Curry, We Have a Problem

BY BRITTANY JENNINGS // MARCH 6, 2012 // Most college students feel comfortable expressing their opinions online. They also like to complain. By combining the two, a number of Curry students have found a collective home on Twitter for their many objections about life on campus. “One day, I saw that a bunch of my friends from Suffolk, UMass, Salem […]

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Shakes Stir Excitement in Hafer

BY ZACHARY WEISS AND NICK IRONSIDE // DEC. 5, 2011 // Some milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, but a new machine by the company f’real has students and faculty alike flocking to the Hafer Café. The “magical milkshake machine,” as the company calls it, blends prepackaged shakes and smoothies. The milkshake flavors include chocolate, cookies ‘n cream, […]