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Running As a Pack

BY ZOE STAUDE // SEPT. 25, 2015 //

Running is one of the simplest ways to exercise, but it also has a very social aspect. On campus, there are always groups of two or three people running together. When there are so many others running together, it can be awkward running on your own.

That’s exactly why Matt Crone and Jack Conca started the running club.

The idea was sparked last year, before Crone and Conca left for the summer. Both are avid runners and realized that running is always much more fun with a buddy. The goal of the running club is to get all of those buddies up and running together – the perfect mix of fitness and friendship.



Chief Brian Greeley of Public Safety has taken on the job as the running club’s faculty advisor. Greeley leads a motivational run every Friday morning. If excited chanting on Friday mornings has ever woken you up, it’s probably Greeley and his runners. Greeley’s passion for running and aptitude for motivating students is exactly why Crone and Conca approached him to be their advisor.

With enough members on board and Greeley as their advisor, the club is just awaiting Student Government’s approval. Without everything finalized, there is still schedule flexibility.

“We plan on meeting once during the week and once on the weekend. Most likely on Saturday afternoons, but the exact time has not yet been finalized.” said Crone.

Once the club gains SGA’s approval, Crone plans on starting runs right away. The club will begin with runs on-campus, but there are many opportunities for off-campus runs and even running in charity races.

Crone is hoping to start running at 2 p.m. Most runs will be in the three to six mile range, however there is always room to expand the runs. Crone said there is a possibility of runs in the seven to nine mile range.

He thinks one of the most powerful experiences is when individuals work together as a team to achieve one goal. Crone explained, “The philosophy of this club is to promote the community that group running brings. We would stay together at all times.”

For an amateur runner, a three to six mile run may seem unachievable. However, Crone stressed that the club is for runners of all abilities and that everyone will be working as a team.

For Crone, it’s all about how running as a group will benefit each member. Crone and Conca want to build a family of runners.

If you’re interested in joining the running club, please contact Matt Crone at

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