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Some Not Ga Ga Over Curry Radio

BY NICK IRONSIDE // DEC. 5, 2011 // The Student Center staff tries to create a “welcoming and open environment” for the Curry community, according to Mark Metevier, assistant director of operations for the building. As a result, he sometimes changes the channel away from the college’s student-run radio station, WMLN. Station manager Marita MacKinnon, a senior communication major, acknowledged […]

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College Deems North Hall Fire Isolated Incident

BY SAM ZAPORA // DEC. 5, 2011 // Following the Oct. 30 bathroom fire in North Hall, some students have questioned the electrical integrity of the older dorms they live in on campus. Those fears, however, are largely unnecessary, according to Residence Life. “The town of Milton comes through our residence halls several times a year to insure that we’re up to the safety code’s standards,” said Erik Muurisepp, director of Residence Life & Housing. Muurisepp said the local fire department inspected the wiring in and around the fan unit, where the North Hall fire began, and found that it wasn’t responsible for the fire. The device’s overheating and the ensuing fire was an isolated occurrence, Muurisepp said, and there […]

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Fuss About the Bus

BY BRENDAN CRONIN // DEC. 5, 2011 // Those big gray buses make getting around campus a lot easier, but many students are questioning whether they’re worth the wait. Some students have been complaining about the shuttle buses’ overall service, as well as not knowing who to complain to. In interviews with numerous students, a recurring theme was that the shuttles are often full. As a result, those who had been waiting for a ride are left waiting, or must then walk to their destination. Either way, those students often arrive late. “It takes a pretty long time,” said freshman criminal justice major Derek Degon. “And you’re almost better off walking or you will waste too much time waiting for it.” […]

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Road Rules

BY CHRIS WILSON // DEC. 5, 2011 // The speed limit may be 15 mph on campus, but that’s nowhere near enough for some people. Public Safety has received several reports this semester of vehicles failing to fully stop at stop signs and pedestrians almost being hit. Junior health major Greg Kirschner has noted that the majority of these speeding […]