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Bars With No Cover Charge

BY ERIN POWERS // MARCH 29, 2012 // Having to pay a cover charge is like having to receive a kick to the shin just to enter a bar. We are forced to break open our purses and wallets before we even order drinks. Let’s face it, our budgets are tight and who wants to set aside $10 for a […]

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A Long Road Trip

BY COURTNEY DIBIASIO // MARCH 28, 2012 // More than two-dozen Curry students will be traveling halfway across the globe this summer, but it won’t all be fun and leisure. For the past eight years, students from the college’s nursing and math programs have traveled to China to study abroad. This summer will mark Curry’s fourth trip to the world’s […]

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Packing Lighter Is Always Better

BY VANESSA KELLY // MARCH 27, 2012 //  When you are going on a trip, whether for spring break or any kind of vacation, a lot of people have a tendency to pack heavy. No need! Less is more when it comes to packing. Most likely, you will buy something while on your trip, and you’ll need to pack it […]

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Travel for Credits

BY DANIELLE HAUSNER // MARCH 26, 2012 // I hope you had a wonderful spring break, wherever you went and whatever you did. For those of you still in the travel mood, or have the travel bug, what would you think if I told you it’s possible to travel for a whole semester? A semester abroad is an amazing chance […]

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If You Build it, They Might Read

BY KEVIN DIFFILY // MARCH 26, 2012 // Every Curry student must take “Fundamentals of Communication” to fulfill a CLAC requirement. They’re also required to purchase a dense textbook at a price that ranges from $60 to $130, depending on where and how one buys it. Those who teach the class, and many of the students who take it, agree […]