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Car-less on Campus 0

No Luggage Needed

BY COURTNEY DIBIASIO // MARCH 6, 2012 // Being car-less on campus this time of year won’t be as terrible as you think—there’s a bunch of things to do at Curry this month. On top of it all, we have a week off for spring break. On Tuesday, March 6, the women’s lacrosse team plays its first home game. The […]

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Curry, We Have a Problem

BY BRITTANY JENNINGS // MARCH 6, 2012 // Most college students feel comfortable expressing their opinions online. They also like to complain. By combining the two, a number of Curry students have found a collective home on Twitter for their many objections about life on campus. “One day, I saw that a bunch of my friends from Suffolk, UMass, Salem […]

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The Factory

BY ANDREW BLOM // MARCH 5, 2012 // In remembering the 1960s, people tend to visualize the protests of the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement, and the Beatles playing in black and white on the Ed Sullivan Show. Due in part to the overwhelming effect these events had on millions of people, the small happenings inside a New York […]

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General Tensions

BY NICK IRONSIDE // MARCH 5, 2012 // Reforming Curry’s CLAC requirement has been more complicated than Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s marriage. Then again, the process to rewrite the general education curriculum has lasted far longer. The administration created the first General Education Taskforce three years ago. Its mission was to set the criteria for reforming the current liberal arts requirements for undergraduates. The second Gen Ed Taskforce, which began its work one year ago, recently completed its proposed revisions and has brought the plan to the full faculty for a vote. Since that time, however, a number of professors have voiced strong opposition to the proposal, arguing that it allows students to forego too many traditional liberal arts […]

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From Shadows to Spotlight

BY BRANDAN BLOM // MARCH 2, 2012 // (UPDATE: After defeating Nichols College in the ECAC Northeast semifinal earlier this week, 7-2, the Colonels now take on Wentworth this Saturday, March 3, for the ECAC Northeast championship and a spot in the NCAA Division III Tournament. The game starts at 2 p.m. at Matthews Arena in Boston. Curry is providing free […]