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Catch a Rising Star

BY SAM ZAPORA // DEC. 5, 2011 // Alumna Jennifer Fogarty returned to campus last month to lend her talents to a Curry theater program where her career first took shape. Having graduated from Curry in 2009, Fogarty has already performed in regional shows such as “RENT,” “Hairspray” and “High School Musical.” She worked as a body double for actress Mila […]

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Down and Out

BY TIM MCCARTHY // DEC. 5, 2011 // “Get up, Shane. Get up!” It’s what senior Shane Geib heard from a teammate after being hit from behind and into the boards during a hockey game last December against Nichols College. The hit left Geib with multiple bloody gashes on his forehead, requiring seven stitches, and the entire left side of his […]

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Remembering the Past

BY ANDREW BLOM // DEC. 5, 2011 // A white wooden cross stands surrounded by colorful decorations about a mile from Curry College. Located next to the entrance of the Blue Hills Reservation on Route 138, it serves as both a memorial and a painful reminder of tragic mistakes. Few current students may know that the memorial marks the spot where […]

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Undergraduates Widely Accept the Cheating of Classmates

BY SEBASTIAN HUMBERT // DEC. 5, 2011 // There’s an old saying that cheaters never prosper. But at Curry College, a large number of undergraduates sure are trying. Academic dishonesty both inside and outside the classroom is rampant at the college, according to a Currier Times survey of traditional undergraduates. Although only 19 percent of respondents admitted to cheating on an […]