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Homeless and Hungry on Campus

BY DANIELLE ROY // DEC. 5, 2010 // You may have noticed the fliers around campus regarding homelessness in Massachusetts and the United States. What few students seem to know, however, is the purpose behind the paper. This fall, students in a first-year seminar course titled “Discover: Community Action” decided to do a class project around homelessness, poverty and inequality […]

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Student Who Discovered Body Speaks Out

BY ANDREW BLOM // DEC. 5, 2010 // Not everyone on campus knows her, but enough do. For the past two weeks she’s endured dirty looks and the spread of rumors about her role in the death of a 16-year-old boy found just miles from Curry College last month. Even on her best days, she says, she doesn’t hide well in a crowd of people. But she shouldn’t have to hide, she says, which is why she wants to tell her side of the story. “It was surreal; I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time,” says the female Curry student, and owner of the now-infamous white Audi, who was the first to discover the mutilated body […]