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Education with a Bang

BY ERIN POWERS // DEC. 5, 2011 // With technology changing faster than ever, it can be hard to keep up. According to many students, one of the biggest hurdles to academic success is not the assignments themselves, but learning the technology needed to bring their work to life. A new online video training system aims to lower that bar. This fall, Curry students and faculty were given access to Atomic Learning, an online system available through the Curry portal that offers a plethora of brief video tutorials for various software applications. The system includes tutorials for Blackboard, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, all Adobe design programs, and many, many other programs. Each lesson are three minutes or less and include step-by-step […]

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Paying Attention to Retention

BY BRENDAN CRONIN // DEC. 5, 2011 // It is no real secret to Curry students that the college’s retention rate is quite low. Each year, freshmen routinely lose friends who simply do not return for their second year. It’s a problem that has the attention of administers and faculty, in no small part because the numbers are getting some attention among prospective students. A new law requires the online federal financial aid system to show applicants the retention, transfer and graduation rates of all schools they are applying to, for comparison’s sake. Curry’s retention rate among freshmen is approximately 64 percent, according to US News, which is quite a bit lower than many of the college’s competitors, said Keith […]

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R.A.G.E.; It’s What We Do

BY SHANA PETRIELLO // DEC. 5, 2011 // R.A.G.E. stands for Raising Awareness through Group Education. R.A.G.E. Peer educators are health and wellness advocates here at Curry College, and the group is a recognized organization through Student Government Association. We aim to raise awareness and to positively influence other students’ perceptions of alcohol, drugs, stress and healthy habits. Events and programs are held in classrooms and around campus to provide outreach to other students. As peer educators, we plan and design events that are interactive and promote healthy behaviors. Our goal is to accurately represent the concerns of responsible students and to not judge the decisions of our peers. Instead, we try to educate them about safe and responsible decision-making. […]

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In Search of Students

BY NICK IRONSIDE AND ANDREW BLOM // DEC. 5, 2011 // The work never stops for the Curry admissions staff. Year in and year out, the college faces tremendous competitive challenges. Curry is a small, non-selective liberal arts college located in New England, making it the most common type of school in the area. Moreover, the vast majority of traditional […]

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Some Not Ga Ga Over Curry Radio

BY NICK IRONSIDE // DEC. 5, 2011 // The Student Center staff tries to create a “welcoming and open environment” for the Curry community, according to Mark Metevier, assistant director of operations for the building. As a result, he sometimes changes the channel away from the college’s student-run radio station, WMLN. Station manager Marita MacKinnon, a senior communication major, acknowledged […]