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Get Your Heads Out of the Sand

BY YASMEEN RIFAI AND LAURA ABUJABER // DEC 5, 2011 // In America, there are many misconceptions about the Middle East. From conversations we’ve had with numerous Curry students, those misconceptions are plentiful on campus, too. We are from different Middle Eastern countries (Lebanon, for Rifai, and Jordan, for Abujaber) and we are both Arab women. Yet, on an almost daily basis, we’re asked questions about our cultures and countries that are seemingly based on cartoons. “Do you have cars over there or do you ride camels for transportation?” “How many deserts do you have?” “Do you live in tents?” “Do you have televisions and phones?” Some students thought we might be Arabian princesses who already have arranged marriages waiting […]

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Road Rules

BY CHRIS WILSON // DEC. 5, 2011 // The speed limit may be 15 mph on campus, but that’s nowhere near enough for some people. Public Safety has received several reports this semester of vehicles failing to fully stop at stop signs and pedestrians almost being hit. Junior health major Greg Kirschner has noted that the majority of these speeding […]

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Homeless and Hungry on Campus

BY DANIELLE ROY // DEC. 5, 2010 // You may have noticed the fliers around campus regarding homelessness in Massachusetts and the United States. What few students seem to know, however, is the purpose behind the paper. This fall, students in a first-year seminar course titled “Discover: Community Action” decided to do a class project around homelessness, poverty and inequality […]