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Review of Student-Written New Plays Festival

BY KELLIE-ANN MAXWELL // MARCH 10, 2016 // The New Plays Festival took place March 5-7, showcasing four student-written plays: Family Jewels by Jillian DeSousa, Happy Birthday, Baby Girl by Shelbi Chandler, Lunch Date by Shelby Adams, and Vincent’s Fables by Jameson Vogel. Family Jewels, directed by Professor David Miller, was the first play performed and was a brilliant way […]

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A Look Behind the Curtain of the New Plays Festival

Professor Nina Hofman’s Photojournalism class stopped by the Keith Auditorium for a behind the scenes look at the production of some of Curry’s spring theater performances. The result? Lots of laughter, and some amazing photos. Be sure to attend this weekend’s New Plays Festival featuring student written plays. Original works include “Family Jewels” by senior Jillian DeSousa, “Happy Birthday Baby Girl” by […]

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Marty Walsh’s Chief of Staff Never Let ADHD Stop Him

BY CHRISTIANNA CASALETTO // FEB. 24, 2016 //  Dan Koh, a Harvard graduate who serves as Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s chief of staff, shared his struggle with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and succeeding in spite of a learning disability, to members of the Curry community during a program hosted Tuesday night by the Curry College Public Relations Student Association. Aside from explaining day-to-day responsibilities […]

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Hockey Team Hoping For Postseason in Final Game

BY DAMANI CARTER // FEB. 20, 2016 // The Curry men’s hockey team is preparing for its last regular season game, taking on the Endicott Gulls this afternoon at 4:45 at the Ulin Memorial Rink. Although the Colonels have lost their last two games, and the Gulls have won their last three games, head coach TJ Manastersky feels confident in his […]

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What I Have Learned Studying Abroad

BY MATTHEW CRONE // FEB. 15, 2016 // I am only one month into my study abroad experience, and yet have already learned so much. I have not only seen personal growth within myself, but I have also become a better-rounded individual as a result. I am currently attending the Richmond International American University in London, which gives me the […]