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The 90s Again, One Meme at a Time

BY SEBASTIAN HUMBERT // MAY 4, 2012 // While some college students are enjoying the start of finals, others have given up, relying on thick pillows, the fetal position and memories of better (elementary school) days. Which brings me to 90s nostalgia. Arguably, the best part of the Internet is the ability to go back in time. Whether you use […]

Car-less on Campus 0

No Luggage Needed

BY COURTNEY DIBIASIO // MARCH 6, 2012 // Being car-less on campus this time of year won’t be as terrible as you think—there’s a bunch of things to do at Curry this month. On top of it all, we have a week off for spring break. On Tuesday, March 6, the women’s lacrosse team plays its first home game. The […]