Lose Those Freshman Fifteen

BY BRENDAN CRONIN // FEB 15, 2012 //

Have you ever wondered why you simply can’t lose weight even though you exercise frequently? Are you tired of constantly running and exercising to no avail? Well, I’m going to provide some tips and tricks that will hopefully benefit Curry students to attain their fitness/health-related goals.

The simplest reason people can’t drop the pounds is their diet. If you put too much emphasis on cardio but disregard your food intake, it is likely you will not get the results you desire.

I’m not saying that you have to become a vegan or start eating raw eggs in the morning like Rocky Balboa to reach your fitness goals. It’s all about finding the right foods that appeal to your taste buds as well as your overall fitness goals. Meals that are rich in protein, such as steak, fish, eggs, chicken, granola bars, pretzels and even yogurt, will help you get the physique you desire.

That being said, you must also remember to cut down on your proportion sizes. My suggestion would be to eat more meals throughout the day that consist of small to medium proportions.

The worst thing you could do is skip a meal, like breakfast, for example, and then eat a big lunch leaving that leaves you full until dinner time. Space out your meals throughout the day, and I can almost guarantee you will see visible changes with your body. Also, try to keep away from fried foods and soda as much as you can because they contain an abundance of bad calories that quickly turn into fat.

Obviously, diet alone is only half the battle. You must balance good eating with a good amount of exercise to truly reach your fitness goals. So, don’t give up on working out. Take advantage of the Curry Fitness Center or give the shuttle bus a rest and walk your way around campus every now and then.

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