En Vouge In Knock Offs

BY VANESSA KELLY // FEB. 27, 2012 //

A fashionable college student is a hard thing to fine. For one, fashion often involves money and a good job, which most students don’t have. So, how do you look stylish and hold on to as much money as you can at the same time?

Rolling out of bed and heading to class is usually everyone’s main focus when getting ready in the morning. But you can do more than a pair of jeans and a shower.

This winter, the average Curry girl tended to wear Victoria’s Secret yoga pants with a plain T-shirt and tank. She would add a North Face Denali jacket and tall UGGs. In total, her daily outfit probably cost approximately $450.

The average Curry boy tends to wear a college sports T-shirt with sneakers and baggy sweatpants. He might add a manly North Face Denali jacket. Most of these items are found at the Curry bookstore, and the overall cost is around  $325.

We all go to an expensive school, and most of us rely on family money or a job to make ends meet. So, how do we stay in style but still keep our money? Easy: Knock Offs!

There are many ways to get the style you want with products that are basically the real thing. Here are a few examples to help your money situation:

To get the Classic UGG Australian Tall San Boot the price is $200.

But to get the Classic UGG Tall Sand Boot Fake the price is $55.

Men and Women’s North Face Denali’s TNF Black Jacket is from $165-$179.

But to get a Women’s North Face Khumbu Black Jacket is $60. (Very similar – still North Face, but a lot cheaper.)

Women’s Bootcut Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pants costs $34.50.

Women’s Foldover Old Navy Yoga Pants cost $19.50.

So, there is an excuse to wear what you want to wear if it comes at a cheaper price. And if you buy the cheaper products and show your parents you are responsible with your money, they might even reward you with more of it.

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