Weekend Getaway!


Are you beginning to get stressed out from school? Need a break and to get away with some friends? Well one solution could be a weekend getaway! What is better than packing a backpack and going on an adventure with friends?

If budget is on your mind, you may want to consider places you can get to by bus. Buses tend to be the least expensive mode of transportation. One inexpensive company is Bolt Bus. They offer great prices for trips that will take you to New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey (for those who may want to party in a fist-pumping manner).

Those who do have the luxurious option of having cars, or friends that have cars, the opportunities are endless.  Some sites to consider are places outside of Massachusetts. New York, NY, is only a 5 hour drive; Washington DC, a 9 hour drive; Newport, RI, a 1 hour drive; Mystic, CT, a 2 hour drive; Portsmouth, NH, a 1 hour drive; Quechee, VT, a 2 ½ hour drive. Those are only a few ideas, but there are many, many more places to go explore!

A beautiful day in York Beach, Maine. // PHOTO BY DANIELLE HAUSNER

There is also the option of staying within Massachusetts borders. While Boston is Curry’s backyard, there are other great destinations. There is Northampton, just a 2 hour drive; the Berkshires, a 2 ½ hour drive; Cape Cod, a 1 hour drive; Martha’s Vineyard, a 1 hour drive +boat. There are so many choices! From the ocean to the mountains, each of these places guarantees natural beauty.

As I have sated in previous blogs, choosing a destination where you know someone you can stay with is ALWAYS a plus, and friendly on your wallet. If you do need a place to stay, try and find hostels. They tend to have a negative connotation with people in the Unites States, but like hotels, if you find the right one it will be a great experience. A great website I have used many times to find places to stay has been An important note: this website does not just list hostels, but apartments, hotels and other sleeping accommodations as well.

Take a weekend trip! You deserve it! Have fun with your friends! Go explore!

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