The Last Dance


The Annual Dance Performances will be held this Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. in the Keith Auditorium at Curry College. Admission is free, but you need to arrive early to get a great seat.

At the end of each spring semester the Department of Fine and Applied Arts presents a dance performance with students enrolled in dance courses, such as Classical Ballet II, Introduction to Jazz, Modern I, Introduction to Choreography, and Dance Performance.


This event gives students the opportunity to make the transition from classroom to stage and provides an exciting and productive experience. For seniors and those with a minor in dance, this performance represents the culmination of four years of study.

This year, Modern I, Introduction to Choreography and Dance Performance will be exhibiting the work they have choreographed throughout the spring semester. If you are enrolled in either Modern I, Introduction to Choreography, or Ballet II, you are eligible to enroll in Dance Performance.

As someone who has been dancing since I was 3, I’ve continued to dance throughout college. This is a great experience to learn to choreograph dance pieces. The dance program is very diverse. Every dancer comes from a different dancing background and has studied various styles—modern, Irish step, salsa, ballet, tap and jazz—prior to attending Curry.

Also, the dancers who have focused on a different type of dance have stepped out of their comfort zones by learning new dance styles and techniques. The dances that are in the show have been choreographed by Curry students enrolled in the dance classes.

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