A Restaurant that ‘Works’

BY BRANDAN BLOM // FEB. 4, 2013 //

If you ever find yourself wandering around Boston looking for a good place to eat with a fun atmosphere, you should head over to Canal Street near the TD Garden and check out Boston Beer Works.

Just a short walk from both the orange and green lines of the “T”—it’s not exactly quick or easy to get from Curry College to either line, but it’s not that difficult either—Boston Beer Works is a two-story restaurant and pub that serves American-style foods at fairly reasonable prices. It’s not the absolute cheapest place in Boston to grab a burger, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it. The walls are littered with TV’s and there is a pool room on the second floor.

Boston Beer Works' Canal St. location. //

Boston Beer Works’ Canal St. location. //

If the Celtics or Bruins happen to be playing at home, you will find Beer Works filled with fans getting ready for the game. However, the crowd quickly thins out and the bar is a great place to watch the game on TV.

One unique thing about Boston Beer Works is that it brews its own beer; it offers four seasonal options that change through the year. The seasonal options are currently Curley’s Irish Stout, which is a darker Irish style beer; Milk Chocolate Stout, which is dark ale that is flavored with milk chocolate; Foreign Extra Stout, which is a stronger beer with about 6.8% alcohol; and Espresso Stout, which incorporates grown espresso coffee into the beer, giving it a unique taste. You can choose from other homemade beers, depending on what is available that day, or more brand name drinks.

If you decide to get some food while you’re there, try the Fenway Burger. It is a beef patty topped with chili, scallions, and cheddar cheese. The chili mixed with the scallions adds a little kick to the burger, and the cheese brings all the flavors together. It only costs $10.50 and comes with fries or potato chips. You can also add bacon, Canadian bacon, chili, peppers, onions, or any cheese for $1 extra per item.

If you’re looking for something more substantive, the Brewers Mixed Grill is the way to go. This 10-ounce steak is served with six grilled herb-marinated jumbo shrimp, as well as sides of potatoes and asparagus. It is a delicious meal, but a little expensive at $20.95.

Keep in mind, while the food is great the place can get loud. If you want a quiet meal or are dining with children, Beer Works probably isn’t the place for you.

And with baseball season around the corner, it’s worth pointing out that there is another Boston Beer Works location near Fenway Park, on Brookline Avenue.

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