College Fashion 101: What to Wear, Everyday Style

BY COURTNEY LEE // SEPT. 30, 2013 //

“What to wear, what to wear?” It’s one of the biggest questions in the college world.

Dress up or dress down? Look fancy or hobo chic? I am here to help college-aged students unwrap some fashion secrets, including how to look cute and trendy while on a budget.

The examples in today’s blog are mainly tailored—get it?—for women, but my next blog will have some ideas and suggestion for men, too. Many of the clothing ideas are just some basics that most girls or guys already own. And if you don’t, that’s OK. I will let you know the places and websites to find the best deals and cutest outfits on the cheap.

For the beginning of the week, you must start off strong. Dress up your Monday with some fun, bright colors. Try bright neon colors because they are the fashion statement for this year’s fall season. For example, an outfit I would wear includes a bright neon pink oversized sweater, matched with some black leggings and combat boots.

Oversized sweaters are in this fall season.

Oversized sweaters are in this fall season.

On Tuesday, I would recommend going with something a little more cute and playful. Oversized sweaters are in this fall season, so they’re a must-have. For example, try an oversized sweater with some black pants and nice red Keds (or whatever color matches your sweater).

Take a turn to the past and revisit the ’90s. Find some high-waist pants and a cropped sweater. The sweater in the link is a great deal for only $18. Keep it simple with some nice toms or combat boots.

Let’s do a nice comfy Thursday. Sweat pants can be hit or miss; it depends on the way you dress it up. Find your favorite sweat pants—not too baggie—find a fitted, long-sleeve shirt and add a nice scarf. Tah dah!

Let’s do it extra casual, but still add a girly end of the week touch. Find your favorite pair of jeans that you only wear on special occasions. Then, a warm, long- sleeve shirt, a jean vest and scarf, and you are good to start your weekend on a high!

An awesome place to get the latest and trendiest clothes for fall is Foreever21, and for inspiration check out And remember, your style requires your own twists.

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