Eating Well, Even at College

BY KATE HALLER // SEPT. 30, 2014 //

We are all guilty of entering the dining hall with good intentions of eating healthy. But then we see the cheesy, greasy, mouthwatering pizza.

At the beginning of my freshman year I literally ate only salad for dinner, fearful of gaining the much discussed “Freshman Fifteen.” That eating like a bird thing lasted only a few weeks, though, when I discovered that Domino’s delivers until 1 a.m., and Mr. Chan’s Chinese restaurant costs very little.

I felt great after eating it most of the time, but I noticed my skin would break out, I slowly started to grow a second chin, and I felt slow. I also learned that eating one slice of Domino’s pizza would take 30 minutes of running to burn it off. I was eating way more than one slice.



The food in the Student Center dining hall is generally good and all, but it’s still cafeteria food. To get more variety in my diet, I go there far less often than I used to. I changed my meal plan to the least expensive one, and I supplement what I get from the dining hall with healthy groceries from local stories.

Here are some tips for what you can do, even from the comforts of your dorm room, to eat better.

Go Green
Start your day with a green smoothie. I promise it will make you feel better and more awake through long days of classes. You can use some of the veggies from the dining hall and buy frozen fruit at the grocery store. There is no lack of options.

Go Natural
Another great breakfast option is wheat toast from the cafeteria, but buy your own organic peanut butter, such as Adams, which has no chemicals or preservatives in it unlike the one in the dining hall.

Go Spring
If you are in a rush for lunch and need something quick, make vegetable spring rolls, which are clean and cheap, the Sunday before the school week. Grab a few on your way to class and enjoy.

Go Nuts
Want a snack? Keep raw almonds in your room. They are a great source of protein and keep you full and away from chips and cookies. If you do want something sweet, try making this chia seed chocolate pudding. Chia seeds reduce hunger, so they will fill you up more than most dessert alternatives.

Because we are in college, we shouldn’t have to always worry about what we are eating. But a little concern will go a long way.

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