Be Healthy, Be Fit, Be Happy


Spring Break is right around the corner, which means more motivation for eating right and exercising to get the body of your dreams. But then you find yourself eating Domino’s in bed at 2 a.m.

We’ve all done it.

Between attending classes, doing homework, working, and—of course—napping, it really does seem like there’s no “time” to exercise and eat well. However, time is what we make of it. So are our choices. Instead of eating that greasy cheeseburger, choose to go to the salad bar. Instead of sitting around playing video games, choose to go to the Fitness Center.

Being healthy is a choice, which includes eating more fruits and vegetables. // PHOTO BY DEAN HOCHMAN, hy-vee // creative commons

Being healthy is a choice, which includes eating more fruits and vegetables. // PHOTO BY DEAN HOCHMAN, hy-vee // creative commons

Here are some tips and advice to consider when thinking about a healthier you.

Take a Class
If you feel as if all of your classes are lectures, and sometimes boring, remember that Curry also offers credited classes that help with your fitness, such as cardio fitness, pilates, yoga and strength training for health.

I know it’s too late to sign up for a class now, but think about it for next semester or in the near future. Go to Course Selection Guide/Wish List on the myCurry portal, and search “physical education.”

Optional Activities
If the classes don’t fit into your schedule, or they just don’t interest you, the Fitness Center at the Student Center holds drop-in classes every week. These include Zumba, pilates, yoga and more.

Stop by the Fitness Center for the schedule, or check out their website.

Make Your Own Food
I always hear people complain about the food they’re served in the Student Center, or how it’s “impossible” to eat healthy at Curry. There’s a Stop&Shop just minutes away from Curry, along with a WholeFoods in Dedham. Most students have cars on campus to make the drive to buy some food.

If you cannot or do not have a car, take the shuttle to the Braintree Plaza and pick out some yummy food at Target. It’s easy to make healthy meals yourself, particularly on the cheap.

Blue Hills
Exercising doesn’t always have to be boring. Grab a group of your friends and go on a nice hike up to Blue Hills when the weather starts to get warmer. Bring a healthy lunch and hike up to the top of the mountain. Lunch with a view!

If you cannot wait until the warm weather, get your snowboard or ski’s and hit the slopes with your friends.

Healthy living is a choice. Make good ones.



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