Director of Public Safety Addresses Campus Concerns

BY LUCAS FERREIRA // Sept. 30, 2017 //

After last week’s SGA meeting left many lingering questions following the shooting of a Georgia Tech student, the Director of Public Safety clarified a few of them.

Interviewed last week following the recent killing of Scout Schultz and an assault in Hyde Park, Paul King, a 34-year law enforcement veteran, disclosed what steps Public Safety would take in the tragic event of a school shooting.

King mentioned in a conversation on Thursday that their first step would be immediately getting in touch with the Milton Police Department. After that, PS would lead and assist the evacuation of buildings, initiate lockdown procedures and send emergency notifications to all community members.

In addition to the protocol, should an intruder attempt to storm a classroom, Curry College has equipped both the Milton and Plymouth campuses with “No Entry Pouch” safety kits. These pouches are placed under the door in order to keep it lodged shut and intruders out.

Director King also expressed that PS is open and willing to hold a discussion with students regarding these issues and thoughts.

He confirmed that “Public Safety is always open to engaging with the community we serve, including students, faculty, and staff.”

King added that part of that service includes the recent addition of security cameras installed around campus as well as Public Safety’s relocation to 940 Brush Hill Road.

“I am a big believer in community policing, and I plan to engage with our community and work with them to solve problems that impact our community,” King stated.

Part of that engagement will include a partnership with students to get them hands-on training.

“In the future, Public Safety plans to explore providing student internship and other programming opportunities that increase engagement with our officers and the community,” King mentioned, signaling a want for a closer relationship with students and faculty on campus.

PS maintains a close, working relationship with multiple branches of law enforcement near the campus’ immediate surroundings including Massachusetts State Police.

An open forum with Public Safety officers and Director King could not only ease tensions concerning student safety on Curry’s campus, but it could also open the topic of discussion for other hot-topics circling around.

For instance, the recent Public Forum on Sept. 29 in Westhaver Park involving President Quigley and Curry students covered the recent bias-related incidents that have occurred on campus and attracted several local news outlets’ attention.

A meeting with Public Safety could also address concerns raised by the Sept. 20 Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, broaching the topic of Scout Schultz’ shooting at Georgia Tech on Sept. 17.

Paul King reminds students that while Curry College is a facility protected 24/7, vigilance and communication with Public Safety regarding strange or uncommon behavior should be reported immediately to Public Safety (617) 333-2222.

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