Student Opinion: “When One Bleeds, We All Do.”

BY MICHELA FLOWERS // OCT. 17, 2017 //

Michela Flowers is a sophomore psychology major. Flowers recently came forward as one of the four students affected by the succession of bias incidents on campus. Here, Flowers expresses her opinions and concerns with the Curry College Administration as well as how they handle these incidences on campus.

The administration that runs Curry College is terrible.

They don’t care, except when the money flow is interrupted; but we know this.

They don’t take into account that their own students are hurting.

They ask us to speak up but when we do, we are only being heard, not listened to.


Michela Flowers ’20, an Orientation Leader, still “bleeds purple” even though she is disappointed with lack of Administrative Action for students targeted with bias. // image credit: Curry College

But what amazes me is even though the administration is so far up their own butts, the real faces of Curry College are extraordinary people.

These are the people you see day to day.

These are the smiling Stu crew, your friends, the professors, and the faculty and staff.

These people are the reason why I love Curry.

I had to get real low to realize how supportive and caring this community really is. When one bleeds, we all do. We help and care for each other because that’s what family does.

I wanted to express my anger towards the school, but this school is more than the stuffy people wanting to fill their pockets. It’s about the pride of being a Colonel and in being part of a truly loving Curry Community.

To those who reached out to me, I owe a tremendous thank you. Because of this strong Curry family I BLEED PURP FOREVER.

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