Diversity Office Hosts Chauvin Trial Discussion

By the Currier Times Staff//

The conversation, called “Derek Chauvin Case: Where Do We Go From Here” was held On April 23rd.

The recorded discussion, now available on YouTube, and can be accessed by clicking on the image above.

Here is the full statement from earlier to announce the discussion:

Dear Members of the Curry Community,   It is my hope that yesterday’s verdict is the start of a new future. We are heartened by this progress, but not satisfied.  The Minnesota jury convicted former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin of murdering George Floyd. Our justice system, while imperfect, has prevailed, offering a measure of justice to Mr. Floyd’s family — and an important call to action for the rest of us.  

WE must hold ourselves accountable for continuing the transformational change that his murder ignited, his death SHOULD NOT be in vain.  The best way we can honor George Floyd’s memory is to work to dismantle the racism that cost him and so many others their lives; Oscar Grant, Eric Gardner, and the many other listed here IN MEMORIAM: I CAN’T BREATHE.  

Education is where this work begins.   As a college and a community of higher learning, we must ask ourselves what more can we do— we must continue to educate ourselves about changes we can make to ensure a more just society and then work to make those changes a reality. This is imperative, not only for today but for our future.    As we all process the events of the last year, let us stand together as a community, united in creating a world where Black & Brown lives matter is not just a statement, but an essential fact.  

Yara DeSousa, Director, Diversity and Inclusion
Jeannette Buntin, Assistant Vice President, Student Engagement and Diversity

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