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Will Students Need a Vaccination to Attend Curry This Fall?

By Jesse Cinquini, Currier Times Staff//

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Ready or not, the end of Curry’s spring semester is near. In just four weeks, students will complete their final exams and move off campus until the Fall. The College has been successful in mitigating the spread of the virus on campus. Curry students have been back in Milton for two semesters, and unlike many other schools, their year hasn’t been cut short due to a covid outbreak. After a few hiccups during the Fall in which some people living in residence halls were forced to vacate temporarily, the spring semester has seen the number of positive tests decrease drastically. 

Curry’s ability to control the virus begs an important question: will they require students to receive vaccinations before arriving on campus in the Fall? Lynda Curtis, the Director of Public Relations here at Curry, said the college is evaluating its options.

“The College is convening its Return to Campus Institutional Committee to plan for the fall semester and examine all vaccinations issues accordingly,” Curtis said. “It would be premature for the college to make any decisions. As has been the case throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the College will communicate promptly with our community regarding all fall semester decisions.”

Some institutions have decided to require students to get vaccinated over the summer — 70+ in the United States, as of this writing. Among these schools are some of the most prestigious universities — Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke University, and Boston University. Others locally include all nine schools in the Massachusetts State University system, UMass Amherst, Boston College, Northeastern University, Assumption University and Emerson College. Massachusetts community colleges have said they will not require vaccinations, saying they don’t want to create barriers to education. Interestingly, of the 70+ colleges in question, only 15 of them will require employees to be vaccinated along with the students. 

Whether or not vaccines should be a requirement has been a hot topic throughout the country as of late. This national debate has found its way inside the Curry College space, as students are beginning to discuss the matter. Some are apprehensive about the idea of mandating students be vaccinated, citing allergies or religious concerns.

“People who have certain allergies are at risk of getting sick from taking the vaccine. The school shouldn’t force those people to take it,” said Curry sophomore, Erin Cullinane.

Sophomore Dejah Stallings agreed. “There are religions which are against vaccination for a variety of reasons — Curry should respect their beliefs and allow them to make their own decision,” said Stallings.

What’s your opinion on the matter? Should Curry College students be required to be vaccinated before they step foot on campus next Fall? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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