COM Major Launches Semester with Meet N’ Greet

By Michael Cotton//Currier Times Staff

Communication students gather for a beginning of the semester “Meet N’ Greet” to learn about new programs and see old and new friends and faculty.

On Thursday, September 9, the Curry College Communication Department hosted a meet and greet inside of the Hafer Academic building, where approximately fifty students and professors were in attendance. Delicious pastries and ice cream were provided to the crowd as people met old and new friends and faculty.

Professors in attendance were more than happy to interact with students, as well as discuss the pros of majoring in Communication. 

First-year student Patrick Tolley was already aware of the great opportunities that come with majoring in Communication as he talked about how he wants to do something within the field of sports journalism.

“I love sports and communication,” said Tolley. “Sports would be nothing without those behind and in front of the camera.”

Second-year student Aidan Loock was also enthusiastic to share his thoughts on the importance of communication and the film industry.

“I like creating the world of a film and placing others [actors] within that,” said Loock.

The meet and greet also included a board labeled, “I Love Com Careers Because..”; it was intended to capture the differences and similarities between the interests of Curry’s Communication students. 

Students in the TV Practicum course, interview attendees at the COM department’s Meet N’ Greet.

Interestingly enough, the most common answers on the board included, “opportunities” and “expressing ideas”. Other students wrote down their personal interests in relation to communication such as, the film industry, sports or radio. 

The Curry Communication professors were also excited to discuss the things that they love most about this program, as well as what’s changed within it since they’ve started working here. 

Professor Brenda Wrigley, wearing a Curry College purple T-shirt, said her favorite aspect about teaching in the Communication program is interacting with the students. 

“The best part is when I help get students internships, and keep in touch with them throughout their careers,” said Professor Wrigley.

The Communication Department meet and greet was full of amazing energy, savory snacks, and professors that care about their students’ futures. 

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