Curry College Alum, Skubie Mageza, Heading to ESPN

By Currier Times Staff//

COM alum, Skubie Mageza, seen here as a sideline reporter for ESPN’S “College GameDay”

In the on-air media field, the career road is long and winding, and for Curry College Communication major, Skubie Mageza, a 2014 graduate, that has certainly been the case.

But, the hard work paid off recently, when his dream job, being an on-air personality at ESPN, came true. Earlier in September, Mageza had a freelance slot as a sideline reporter for “College GameDay” in Iowa, where he’s been working for the NBC affiliate in Davenport, Iowa.

His time on the sideline turned into a job offer when ESPN liked what they saw.

“They flew me to Bristol, Connecticut and talked with me about my career plans,” said Mageza.

Before the trip was over, he was offered a position being a host for various ESPN digital platforms, and being part of the mix for their legacy productions, like “GameDay” and “SportsCenter.”

COM alum, Skubie Mageza, reporting from ESPN’s “College GameDay”

For Mageza, the dream of being on-air at ESPN was one of the key reasons he chose Curry’s Communication major, in particular the Television/Digital Video concentration. He said he knew he would be exposed to the equipment and the internships that were necessary to pull ahead of the competition.

“Curry saw me right at the start,” said Mageza. His family immigrated to the Boston area from Zimbabwe when he was seven-years-old. His TV sports journey, he knew, would take him far away from Boston.

After a couple of years working as a production assistant at Boston’s FOX affiliate, he packed up his bags and moved to the second smallest TV market in the country, Alpena, Michigan, where he became a sports anchor and reporter, operating his own video camera.

Skubie referred to those early days as “getting his reps,” a term he was used to saying as a player on Curry’s football team.

When he was ready for the next market, he turned down larger cities who wanted just a “sports score reader” and headed to Davenport. They wanted a personality, and Skubie grew that role at TV 6. ESPN was impressed.

“They said they could really see my personality,” said Mageza. “I wasn’t a cookie-cutter anchor.”

While he is already doing “College GameDay” sideline reporting for ESPN, his official start date at their headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, is not until early October.

Once settled, he plans on coming back to Curry to talk with students. And tell them about his long and winding road to the biggest sports network in the world.

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