Curry Counseling Center Offers New 24/7 Options

By Allison Silver, Currier Times Staff///

WellTrack is an app that has been added to the support services Curry students can use to get counseling assistance.

Curry College has recently introduced a new app called WellTrack. WellTrack is designed to connect Curry College students to counseling services 24/7.

“These expanded services allow students to connect for support when and how they need and want it and are in addition to the current services offered by the Counseling Center,” said Kathryn Bruning, Interim Director of Counseling Services at Curry.

At night time, Curry College residents are not able to connect with a Resident Assistant until at least 8 p.m., when they start duty. The Counseling center is also not open 24/7, which is why this new app is very helpful to have around.

Some students on campus have said that WellTrack is very useful, especially because there is not always someone you can talk to in person on the college’s campus.

“I feel that having a 24/7 support through Curry is very important,” said Matt Kaminsky, a freshman. “In situations where you need to talk to someone, this allows it to be done.”

The WellTrack app connects students, both residential and commuters, to a counselor. The hopes for this app are that students will create an account and connect with a counselor when they need to.

The app tracks anxiety, stress, and depression through a mental health assessment, according to the Counseling Center staff.

“I feel like this service is pretty reliable and easy to work with and navigate so I definitely would recommend it to others,” said Victoria Tirado, a Curry freshman.

In addition to WellTrack, the counseling center on campus is open for walk-ins and appointments from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. The college has also established a 24/7 telephone line at 617-333-2908 that students can use.

Curry College Counseling staff hope that students will use WellTrack, the on-campus resources, or the 24/7 phone line in the future when they need someone to talk to.

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