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Student Opinion: “When One Bleeds, We All Do.”

BY MICHELA FLOWERS // OCT. 17, 2017 // Michela Flowers is a sophomore psychology major. Flowers recently came forward as one of the four students affected by the succession of bias incidents on campus. Here, Flowers expresses her opinions and concerns with the Curry College Administration as well as how they handle these incidences on campus. The administration that runs […]

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Nightmare at Curry College

BY JACK SUPINO // OCT. 14, 2017 // As the sun set over Milton, Curry students faced their fears on Friday the 13th by daring to enter a haunted house right here on campus. Students who volunteered to be part of the Haunted Stu dressed up in clown costumes and wore creepy masks to scare their classmates in a haunted […]