Victoria’s Diner, Roxbury


To say that the eating habits of a typical college student don’t fit the restrictions imposed by the rigid hours of the dining hall is an understatement. Let’s face it, we’ve all experience that craving for a midnight (or perhaps even later than that) snack. These past few weekends, I’ve ventured out to explore the more delectable options available in the Curry/Boston area.

Victoria’s Diner: Early Mornings and Late Nights
Victoria’s Diner is a classic late-night diner. Venturing here in the wee hours of the morning, one feels as though they have been placed in the midst of a ’50s-esque gangster film.

Inside, there are old black-and-white photographs lining the wall, a long bar to sit at and sip coffee, plastic-seated booths for four, and triple-layer chocolate cake displayed in eye’s view. Definitely a cool setting.

The staff was an odd but very friendly mix of college kids, city youth and old timey diner waitresses — helpful and prompt without being overbearing.

The 24-hour menu is served around the clock Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and is comprised of a tempting combination of breakfast, American and southern cuisine. As added conveniences, they accept credit cards and have a designated parking lot for customers.

My personal favorites included the eggplant fries ($3.49, and the additional options of regular and sweet potato are tasty as well), the grilled banana bread French toast ($8.99), and the fantastically diverse milkshake selection (I opted for Nutter Butter, $3.79). Also, I highly recommend a slice of bourbon pecan pie served “G’s Way.” Check out what people say about other dishes on the diner’s Foursquare page.

I really enjoyed the fact that pepper jack cheese is available for cheeseburgers, which seemed to be handmade and had a delicious spice to them (Worcestershire sauce, perhaps).

They also have a more dimly lit back room. If you arrive during a busy time, they are more than happy to accommodate you by seating you back there, as long as you ask.

It’s really difficult to find a place to sit, eat and relax after midnight in Boston, and Victoria’s is a great find in this category — provided one feels daring enough to venture into Roxbury at the wee hours of the morning.

The only warning that I will give you is that if you arrive early enough to drink there, stick to beer or wine. The Bloody Mary’s are pretty disgusting, as the diner only has a beer, wine and cordial license.

Victoriasdiner.com1024 Massachusetts Avenue – (617) 442-5965

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