Car-less on Campus

Fun Until the End


As the end of the semester approaches, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to participate in activities on campus.

Until next year, nothing these last couple of weeks really compares to last week’s Spring Weekend. Campus activities are calming as finals week approaches. Then, finally, we all have a summer break.

On Saturday, April 28, there are multiple activities you could attend. One option is to take a day trip to New York City. The cost is only $20 and includes transportation. The bus will leave the Student Center at 7 a.m.; the departure back to Curry from NYC is at 8 p.m.

If you enjoy volunteering, Rebuilding Together Boston Community Build Day is a great thing for you to participate in. You will repair or build homes for those in need from the Greater Boston area. A bus leaves the Student Center at 7 a.m. and will leave from the building site at 5 p.m.

Later on that night, the Curry College Theatre presents “Tartuffe.” The show will be playing through May 1 and will be held in the Keith Auditorium in AAPC. Show times can be found online.

And don’t forget to catch the last few games of the season for all the spring sports. Their schedules can be found on the Curry athletic Web site.

A couple of other important dates you should remember are that finals start on May 9 and residence halls close May 15.

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