The Hen House: Wings n’ Waffles


The genius combination that is waffles and chicken wings had never occurred to me until a visit to the Hen House, located just a stone’s throw down the street from Victoria’s Diner on Massachusetts Ave. in Boston. It is the very pinnacle of low-key, as well as cheap and deliciously unhealthy.


Open until 4 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the place is what you would expect: a big, divey restaurant where you order at the counter before taking your place amongst the groups of college kids and city locals splayed out across a series of tables and high-top counters.

Ordering here reminded me of one of those old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from childhood. Everything on the menu was well thought out in terms of deliciousness — this place is certainly not for the health conscious individual.

For the very reasonable price of $7.59, one chooses a waffle (buttermilk, banana or cornbread), butter (homemade whipped, honey whipped or Cajun), syrup (maple, clove honey or maple BBQ) and, last but not least, chicken (juicy tenders, crispy wings or two whole pieces…pick from breast, thigh or drum).

The butter and syrup varieties were great (I tried each one!) and I absolutely recommend the sweet potato fried chicken. Also, they have a huge variety of hot sauces in dispensers, which was great for the wings.


The waffles were crunchy and light, and the quality of the chicken was better than I had anticipated. I opted for the banana waffle, which was confusing in the best way possible: sweet but with a savory spice blend that complemented the chicken well.

Additionally, they offer an excellent over-abundance of sides, which come in three sizes: chick (small, $2.29), hen (medium, $3.99) and rooster (large, $6.99). Suggestions include the mac n cheese (positively drenched in cheesy goodness), the mashed potatoes (whipped, with a touch of garlic) and the cornbread (that is, if you aren’t completely stuffed or overwhelmed already).

For those less adventurous, they also serve pizza, subs and sandwiches, none of which I tried. However, I would stick with their specialty — they are famous for it for a reason.

Designated parking is conveniently available right in front of the establishment, and credit cards are accepted.

So yummy and fattening — I have to admit that my most important recommendation would be to not eat here sober. It is definitely worth the trip to leave happy and stuffed full of comfort food for under $10

Thehenhouseboston.com1033 Massachusetts Avenue – (617-442-9464)

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