Packing Lighter Is Always Better

BY VANESSA KELLY // MARCH 27, 2012 // 

When you are going on a trip, whether for spring break or any kind of vacation, a lot of people have a tendency to pack heavy. No need! Less is more when it comes to packing.

Most likely, you will buy something while on your trip, and you’ll need to pack it when you have to go home. Knowing what and how much to bring is essential. The following list should help.

Swimsuit (one or two)
If you are going on a tropical vacation, of course a bathing suit is needed. But even if your trip is business- or school-related, it doesn’t hurt to bring a bathing suit. After all those meetings or outings, you need to relax. So take advantage of the hotel pool and/or Jacuzzi.


Underwear/ Socks
Please don’t be one of those people who smell because they have been wearing the same pair of socks for the entire trip. Socks and underwear are the exception to the “less is more” rule. It is necessary to bring two extra pair of underwear on your trip. For socks, you should bring one pair for every two days. That means if you are taking a vacation for 10 days, you bring at least five pair of socks.


Dress/Dressy shirt, pants and tie
You sometimes get a chance to look sharp for a night, so impress everyone and bring a nice dress or shirt and tie along with you. Show your friends or family how you can clean up and be classy for an evening. Even if you don’t use it, it’s always good to bring because you never know what could happen. Someone might ask you out on a date, or your family will want you to go to church, or you and your friends might go out to dinner spontaneously. Be prepared!


Exercise Clothes
Most hotels, even the really cheap ones, have a gym. No matter if you don’t make it to the gym, it’s always a good idea to bring one or two workout outfits. You might get the urge to burn a few calories after eating an entire chocolate cake for dessert.


Sneakers and Flip-Flops
Shoes are an essential part of your wardrobe. You can bring heels, nice shoes, man Uggs or whatever you think you will wear, but you definitely need to bring sneakers and flip-flops. If you decide to workout, those sneakers need to make it to your suitcase or your lousy excuse for not working out will actually work. Also, sneakers are good for days when you will be doing a long of walking.

You want your feet to be comfortable. Flip-flops are necessary to bring because even if you think the hotel is clean, it doesn’t hurt to save yourself from random diseases…wear those sandals in the shower! Also, if you go swimming, flip-flops are the best solution instead of walking around the pool deck barefoot.

Remember, when you are packing your outfits, avoid going overboard. Bring one extra shirt and one extra pair of pants or shorts, depending on the weather. And don’t forget those undies and socks. If you follow my tips, your suitcase will be a lot lighter and should have enough room for some new clothes to come home with you.

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