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Release Your Stress

BY VANESSA KELLY // MAY 4, 2012 // 

Finals are approaching and stress levels have shot up a ton. We are pulling all nighters and spending most of our time in our room or the library studying our butt off. Sleep is the last opinion, and it’s getting to be a problem.

Girls, don’t worry about dressing to impress, it’s time to de-stress. There are many ways to be comfy and still look cute—Curry boys know you are stressed with work because they are, too—and here are three good places to start:

1. Wear yoga pants. But it’s cute if you wear a fitted tank or V-neck with a cute, colorful fitted hoodie with them so you feel both cute and comfy. We all know that every Curry girl owns a pair of yoga pants. Another way to be comfy and cute is to wear a pair of skinny jeans and simple plain neutral colored t-shirt or a patterned V-neck shirt. I suggest you add a pattern or colorful scarf to the outfit. It will give you a cute accessory to look forward to and will compliment your face.


2. Girls feel gross when they just wear sweats all day—mostly because they are self conscious of their hair and face. But a few quick do’s can solve those bad hair days. The easiest solution is a braid. A French braid is ideal because it’s out of your face and keeps your hair intact. French braids are the tights of braids, so those loose strands won’t be a bother. If you’re not into the French look, another opinion is the fish tail. The fish tail is cute and unique and even though you think it’s just a hairstyle to get off my face, others will be impress that you had the time to do it. Lastly, if you have done the braid look too many times this week, tie your hair back in a low bun. It’s simple and sophisticated.

3. Stop worrying, you look beautiful. I know you feel naked when you leave your dorm without make up on. I also know how it feels when you don’t want to look like your putting too much makeup on because you have that many zits. So, on your study break, grab some of your friends and have a mini spa night. It doesn’t have to be that long, but it will be a great way for all of you to relax and clear up your skin at the same time.

* Wash your face, then dab honey (right from the jar) all over and relax for 15 minutes. It smells good and it’s a great antioxidant. Your skin will be baby-soft, and it reduces redness, too. I was amazed when I tried it.

* Wash your face, then dab plain, unflavored yogurt all over. It’s a natural source of alpha hydroxyl acid. Your pores will disappear.

*Before washing your hair, massage jojoba oil into your scalp, put on a cap, and then relax for 15 minutes. Jojoba removes build-up from your scalp, prevents dandruff, and conditions your hair.

Release some stress with your friends! You will all do well on your exams, but you need to relax or you will be very uptight and will probably freak out on stupid things. Do yourself a favor: relax!

(The Style Strategy by Nina Garcia, HarperCollins Publishers published in 2010 in New York, NY)

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  1. I think you need to go back and proof read before you publish… many times can you say cute?
    Also your tips are directed towards girls, open up a little branch out to guys on campus.
    maybe you’ll get them next time xoxoCurryGirl. 🙂

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